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New Concept Homes
There is nothing simple about planning your dream home and may be the single biggest deciision you will ever make. Listen to audio, download brochure, watch a video....more

What Are ICF Forms ?
Insulated Concrete Forms are lightweight, interlocking foam blocks that remain in place as a functional part of the wall after the concrete is poured. ... strength, stability and thermal mass result in an exceptionally superior wall system ...more
  Why Use Insulated Concrete Forms?
Better construction efficiency, Strength, Safety, Less Moisture and Mold, More Air Tight, Better Fire Rating, Quieter, More Comfortable, ....more

What about Cost ?
The initial cost is very comparable to using the old 2 x 6 framing method... ...pay back in terms of operating cost, resale value, quality of living, Energy efficiency, durability, reduced noise, disaster and fire resistance, more even temperatures ....more


What Can We do for you?
ICF Direct's involvement with insulated concrete forms includes consulting, building and input in the design of residential Insulated Concrete Forms since 1991 ...more


Safety Advantages
Your family will be safer while using less energy in a home constructed with ICF walls ....more


Environmentally Friendly
On average home, approximately 13 trees are saved by building with Insulated concrete forms, which may not seem like a lot until you consider how many new homes are built each year ....more